Monday, April 6, 2009


We hope you have read about SACREAN ET. AL. before you go over this page. We hope too that you will help us unite this so many sites of the SACREANS worldwide!

The story of SHAN entering into the picture of the cyber world might have started at SHAN's ATHLETIC CLUB, when we launched that famous SHAN INTRAMURAL, the highest hits concerning SHAN in YOU TUBE! Not so many SACREANS then indulges into cyber tech bonding. Afterwards, we did a FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN in "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS". Today, you search at googles or in YOU TUBE the name: Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches - and, there you have it. This is, however, not enough - as there should be a uniting factor among these schools not only the SACREANs in Nova, but to all its branches merging into a cyber community of students who graduated from the said school.

Anyway, to start the Ball Rolling into this site that we are developing, here's the latest about our school. ANG DAYA! NGAYON LANG SILA NAGKAROON NG MGA LAB! LAB! He . . . he . . . he . . . PARA SA MGA BOYS AND GIRL SCOUTS! ETO PO ANG LATEST SA SHAN:

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